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​篠田淳 Atsushi Shinoda
*English follows.
ジャズの分野で知られマンハッタンにロケーションを構える大学、The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music(現在はThe School of Jazzに改名)に進学しこれを卒業する。ジャズをGerard D'Angelo、クラシックをJohn Kamitsukaの両氏を中心に学び、Hal Galper、LeeAnn Ledgerwood、Michael Kanan、Kenny Werner、Steve Kuhn、Christian Jacobなど著名な名前を含む多くのピアニストの元でレッスンを受ける。
2016年に帰国し本格的に演奏活動と講師活動をスタートさせる。2019年に自身初となるソロピアノによるデジタルEP「Beneath the Cherry Trees」を発表。
Jazz pianist Atsushi Shinoda was born in Tokyo in 1988.
​He first started taking piano lesson at age of 5 with his older brother. Although his musical training began in his early life, he found the real interest in improvisation music that is called "jazz" when he was 14 years old.
​His first intensive jazz study started at Senzoku-gakuen college of music, where is one of few schools having jazz music major at the time. He studied with Yuki Arimasa at the college, who is leading figure in Japanese jazz music scene and now professor at jazz department.
​He graduated Senzoku-gakuen in 2011 and moved to New York to continue his musical study. He entered The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (they have changed its name "The School of Jazz" now), where he started finding his own musical voice. His biggest influences were his mentors, great pianist and educator Gerard D'Angelo who is the core faculty member at The New School, and concert classical pianist John Kamitsuka who was introduced by Gerard.
​He came back to Tokyo in 2016 to start his professional career at his home town. In 2019, his debut digital EP "Beneath the Cherry Trees" was released.
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