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​I offer private piano/jazz piano/music theory (including jazz improvisation method) lesson, either at the piano studio called "Noah" located near Akihabara, Tokyo, or at the music school I teach.

​Please go below in this page for details.


単発の1レッスン 60分
月2レッスン 60分×2回
















Private Lesson

1 time lesson (60 minutes)
¥5000 + ¥1000~1300 for studio rent

Monthly lesson 2 times/month
¥9000 + ¥2000~2600 for studio rent (2 times)

​I give a lesson at the music studio called "Noah" in Akihabara, Tokyo. The price of the room changes depending on the time, size of the room, and the piano whether upright or grand. The prices above are for upright piano rooms.

​Click the link below to see Noah Akihabara. They don't have English page though, you can still see how it looks like.

Studio Noah Akihabara
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Cancelation and rescheduling policy is designed based on the studio policy. Please be careful and aware of that you basically purchase my time.

1 week or more than 1 week before
No cancel fee will be charged

2 days ~ 6 days before
​50% of the price (including 50% of studio rent) will be charged

1 day before or the day of lesson
100% of the price (including studio rent) will be charged

Scheduling is done by e-mail. Please use the form below, or simply e-mail me using the address below. Feel free to contact me.

Contact Form
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​Private Lesson at Shimamura-Gakki

​I also work as a jazz piano teacher in Shimamura-Gakki music school in Tokyo area.

​The day of the week and place are written below. Click them to see each branches. 

Tuesday @ Music Salon Shin-Koiwa

Wednesday @ La la port Kashiwa-no-Ha

Sunday @ Music Salon Nishi-Kasai

The differences form my own private lesson are

​-Price and way of paying the lesson fee (you must make an Aeon credit card if you don't have one)

​-Unlike we discuss the schedule every time for my private lesson, each student has their spot of lesson time. Rescheduling is basically not allowed (besides teacher's absence).

-The school offers 30 minutes lesson 3 times a month. No longer than 30 minutes.


-Free trail lesson is available before you begin.

To take a lesson at Shimamura-Gakki, you need to contact the school, not me. I'm not supposed to deal with it.

​BUT, I'm willing to help if the language is the issue. Please send me a message using the form below, or simply email me. Don't forget to mention which location you want to go.

Contact Form
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